SmashUp Fantasy Sports – Now Available to Play

by | Nov 29, 2023

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Augmented Sports Launches Game-Changing Fantasy Sports App: SmashUp Fantasy Sports

SmashUp Fantasy Sports brings innovation and strategy to stale fantasy sports market.

Chicago, IL: Augmented Sports today announced the launch of SmashUp Fantasy Sports, a new fantasy sports app revolutionizing the way people play fantasy sports and helping them get closer to their favorite sports, teams, and players. SmashUp Fantasy Sports adds a strategic element to the space, allowing users to use SmashCards (or powerups) to modify player or team points.  Players can play cards that double their QB score, increase points from rushing yards, reward dominant defenses, and more. In a repetitive gaming space, SmashUp Fantasy Sports brings more strategy to fantasy sports – giving players more control over their teams. 

One of the first users, college student Sam Isbister stated, “This has been the most fun I’ve had playing fantasy in a long time. Picking SmashCards for my QB and WR added a new dimension to the game and made winning even sweeter.”

Regarding the game, co-founder Chris Hauck stated, “We had played fantasy for years and the games were all feeling highly repetitive. After the draft, it was mostly setting your lineup and making a few pickups. We wanted to make the game more fun and strategic.  Decrease luck and give fantasy managers more control.”

 Features and benefits of SmashUp Fantasy Sports include.

  • Strategic Gameplay: SmashCards allow users to impact total points scored by modifying overall player points, points based on specific stats, or points based on unique events that happen in the game
  • Innovative UI and Gamification: As players select their teams and add SmashCards, they are represented by video-game-like characters, over time adding more emotes, replays, and fun tied to real-life results
  • Earn real prizes: Games are free to play, but players compete with each other to earn real prizes and build a real community of fans

SmashUp Fantasy Sports will be available for everyone to play for free on November 29th.  The first free weekly tournament will go-live starting with the Thursday night game between the Seahawks and Cowboys on November 30th. Users can sign up to be the first to play by clicking here to sign up on the website. 

About Augmented Sports: Augmented Sports is a sports gaming company based in Chicago, Illinois. The company launched SmashUp Fantasy Sports – the first step in revolutionizing sports gaming.