We want sports to be fun. We want fantasy to be fun. More and more sites are turning into traditional sportbooks where you bet on winners, make prop bets, and string together parlays. We wanted to make a site where sports fans can play fantasy and get rewarded But also hold onto the love of the game and enjoy using the site to feel closer to their favorite sports, teams, players, and friends.

To that end, we embrace nine core principles that guide all of our decisions:


We thrive on innovation and are in constant pursuit of creating novel experiences for players by surpassing what is currently possible in fantasy sports.


Every choice, from design to functionality, is a chance to celebrate the love and respect for sports that is shared by our team and our players.


We are proud to set a new standard for integrity and fairness with a foundation of good sportsmanship that permeates our community.


Respect is given to those who have honed their fantasy skill, knowledge and strategy, and we reward and motivate accordingly.


When sports fans aren’t at the stadium or arena, they have a new place to connect with friends and fellow fans.


Just like the teams we celebrate and the fandom that is true to them, we foster loyal users that succeed and grow with us.