A New Way To Play Fantasy Sports.

Play the most popular new fantasy game. Set a weekly lineup like traditional daily fantasy, but then add SmashCards that boost the scores of specific players or stats.

Games are always free (no credit card needed) with massive prizes on the line for the top 200 lineups! Season 2 is coming soon!

Bruising Bellcow SmashCard

A Fun and Unique Twist on Fantasy Sports

You love the game.  You know the players. Now choose your SmashCards to create your winning strategy.

What are SmashCards?

SmashCards are powerup cards that let you have more strategy and control over your fantasy team. You can play cards that double your QB score, increase points from rushing yards, reward dominant defenses, and more.


Wanna Smash?

It’s Simple.

Pick your players to set your lineup

Choose your SmashCards

Play for free and win cash and prizes

This has been the most fun I’ve had playing fantasy in a long time.  Picking SmashCards for my QB and WR added a new dimension to the game and made winning even sweeter.


Fantasy Player
Bruising Bellcow SmashCard

Smash Your

Own Way.

Experience the exciting new way to play fantasy and daily fantasy sports.