What do you get when you mix die hard sports fans with type-A personalities? You get two friends who want to bring that passion to the world. Haibo Lu and Chris Hauck met when they were both students at the University of Chicago where they dove deep into the world of sports analytics and spent far too many hours debating burning sports questions ranging from how to predict the future success of draft prospects and what would be the ultimate NBA team to take on real Space Jam aliens. Eventually, this passion led to the idea of a game that combined the best of fantasy sports with the powerups of video games and strategy card games.

What we’ve developed are fresh, novel ways to play fantasy sports and compete with your friends and other die hard fans. We’re smashing the fantasy sports mold, and having a ton of fun putting it back together in an exciting and fresh way that has yet to be experienced by sports fans. We are a new generation of sports enthusiasts, constantly evolving with new ways for our community to compete, win and, most importantly, having a ton of fun playing fantasy sports. Every element of our games, from the visual designs to the way users are rewarded, is another way to honor the obsessive love of the game shared between our team and our users. It’s fun to play, absolutely, but we go deeper. We innately understand and share the passion to learn and strategize, and reward skill and knowledge with innovative experiences. At Smashup Fantasy Sports, luck happens, but skill is celebrated.