Smashup Fantasy Sports Featured on Daily Dynasty Show

by | Feb 3, 2024

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SmashUp Fantasy Sports Featured on Daily Dynasty Show

SmashUp Fantasy Sports is frequently mentioned on the popular social media profile called Daily Dynasty Show (DDS). The Instagram & Twitter star has called SmashUp the most fun, free, fantasy football game. His posts mention how to play SmashUp, SmashUp Strategies, and why SmashUp is the best fantasy football game to play today!

Play the Newest DFS for the Conference Championships

DDS posted before the Conference Championship tournament offering advice and calling SmashUp a Retro Bowl mixed with a Magic The Gathering and letting his followers know how fun and free the game is! He is a great follow for all SmashUp lineup advice.  

Flex 9 Tournament

DDS also called out the fun, new, original format called Flex 9! As mentioned in this article, the Flex 9 tournament is a special format where all nine-player positions can be used on any player! To put it simply, all roster spots are considered flex. DDS offered specific advice for setting lineups using the Flex 9 format. The 2024 Super Bowl tournament uses the Flex 9 style as well. 

Lineup & Card Recommendations 

DDS also offers lineup and card recommendations for anyone playing SmashUp. For example, he recommended starting and using SmashCards on Bears players Justin Fields and D.J. Moore. 

DDS is one of the best resources for SmashUp advice and overall fantasy football news. You can follow him on Instagram and Twitter here

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