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How to Play Smashup Fantasy Sports

  • Is there a walkthrough of how to play?
    Yes, for a full walkthrough of how to set your lineup, choose your SmashCards, and play in our free tournaments read the following article. Still have questions? Contact us and we will be happy to help you out.
  • Weekly Tournament Positions & Scoring
    For our initial weekly tournaments, players will fill the following roster spots:

    Quarterback (QB): 1
    Running Back (RB): 2
    Wide Receiver (WR): 2
    Tight End (TE): 1
    Flex (RB / WR / TE): 1
    Kicker (K): 1
    Defense (DEF): 1

    As noted above, the flex position can be filled by any eligible running back, wide receiver, or tight end.

    Base scoring for the tournament (not including any SmashCards that might impact scoring categories or points) are as follows:

    • Passing
      • Every passing yard: 0.04 points (25 yards = 1 point)
      • Every passing TD: 4 points
      • Every passing 2pt conversion: 2 points
    • Rushing
      • Every rushing yard: 0.1 points (10 yards = 1 point)
      • Every rushing TD: 6 points
      • Every rushing 2pt conversion: 2 points
    • Receiving
      • Every receiving yard: 0.1 points (10 yards = 1 point)
      • Every receiving TD: 6 points
      • Every receiving 2pt conversion: 2 points
    • Miscellaneous
      • Passing interception: -2 points
      • Fumbles lost: -2 points
    • Kicking
      • Every FG made (0-39 yards): 3 points
      • Every FG made (40-49 yards): 4 points
      • Every FG made (50+ yards): 5 points
      • Every FG missed: -1 point
      • Every extra point made: 1 point
      • Every extra point missed: -1 point
    • Defense
      • 0 points allowed: 5 points
      • 1-6 points allowed: 4 points
      • 7-13 points allowed: 3 points
      • 14-17 points allowed: 1 point
      • 28-27 points allowed: 0 points
      • 28-34 points allowed: -1 points
      • 35-45 points allowed: -3 points
      • 46 or more points allowed: -5 points
      • 100 or fewer yards allowed: 5 points
      • 100-199 yards allowed: 3 points
      • 200-299 yards allowed: 2 points
      • 350-399 yards allowed: -1 point
      • 400-449 yards allowed: -3 points
      • 450-499 yards allowed: -5 points
      • 500 or more yards allowed: -6 points
      • Touchdowns scored: 6 points
      • Interception: 2 points
      • Fumble Recovered: 2 points
      • Blocked Punt, FG, Extra Point: 2 points
      • Sack: 1 point
      • Safeties: 2 points
    • Individual tournaments or future games may have different base scoring rules.  We reserve the right to change or amend the scoring at any moment based on the needs of the game.  All data for scoring comes from our third party data provider.
  • Weekly Tournament
    • Entrants select a lineup of players from the available pool of players.  All players must fit under the salary cap specified for that specific tournament
    • Users also select as many SmashCards as they would like that fit into the separate SmashCard salary cap that is specified (i.e., you have two separate salary caps; one for players and one for SmashCards)
    • In the weekly tournament, you are competing for 1 week against all other players entered into the contest.  Given everyone has the same pool of players to select from, you likely will have some of the same players as other teams.
    • Rules may vary by contest in terms of the amount of allowed entries, prize breakdowns, number of maximum players/entries, game slate, and player pool.
    • At the end of the week, the entrant(s) with the highest scores are awarded prizes based on the specified allocation for that game.  
    • Final scores are determined by taking the raw scores and stats of rostered players and applying the SmashCards to then calculate a final score.  
    • In general, SmashCards can be thought of as each having their own score.  If two SmashCards both effect the same stat (e.g., a QBs passing yards) then each card will individually be applied to the raw number of passing yards to calculate a value for that card.  In the current game, the cards to not combine or play in a specific order where one card benefits from having the other card played first.  However, rules of different games may vary, so be sure to look at the game description as new games are added.
    • Users who score the same number of points and end the week in a tie, will evenly split the prizes potentially of multiple rankings.  So if two players tie for first place, then they will split both the first and second place prizes.  And the team that had the third most points will get the third place prizes.
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  • Terms & Conditions
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  • Privacy Policy
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  • Withdrawals
    Withdrawals are always free and have a minimum of $10 unless the account balance is below a total of $10 - at which point the user can withdraw whatever remains in their account.
  • Cash prizes versus Smash Coins
    What is the difference between the cash prize and the Smash coins offered in a contest? Cash Prize: Any cash prize listed is in US dollars and will be distributed to eligible participants based on any of the available options for withdrawal. Smash Coins: Smash coins are an in-game virtual currency that can be earned and redeemed on the Smashup Fantasy Sports platform.  These will be redeemable when the online redemption center launches.  While the exact contents of the redemption center will vary over time, redemption options could include additional game tickets, player skins, merchandise, and more.
  • Prizes offered
    For the initial Free to Play games, the prizes each week will vary. They can include a mix of cash, physical prizes (e.g., autographed jerseys, tickets), free entry into other games, SmashUp swag, and other collectibles and experiences. We reserve the right at our sole discretion to alter the exact prize package and substitute what we determine to be a similar prize when applicable (e.g., if football tickets are a prize, but the game gets cancelled, we may find another game or an alternative prize depending on what we determine to be reasonable and equitable). Physical prizes may also be delivered in the form of gift cards or credits with a specific vendor winners can use at their own discretion (e.g., a prize of an NFL jersey maybe given as a digital gift card for the NFL Store so a user can select the swag they want versus shipping a physical jersey).
  • Ideas for New SmashCards
    Have any idea for a new SmashCard you’d like to see in the game? Feel free to submit your idea to innovation@smashupsports.com. While we cannot offer any compensation at this time if we do use the card, we are happy to give people credit and a shout out for their ingenuity. However, keep in mind we are always working on new cards internally and get emails from other players, so any ideas you submit may already be in development or submitted by another player. Additionally, all SmashCards created by SmashUp Fantasy Sports based on voluntarily submitted ideas do become official IP of SmashUp Fantasy Sports.
  • Selecting SmashCards
    To select a SmashCard, on the “Set Lineup” page you simply click the SmashCard option and you will see a list of SmashCards with descriptions of how they impact a player. Clicking on any card will then allow you to select the player you want to apply the card to.  After selecting the player, you will see the SmashCard by their player icon. In the current weekly football tournament, you can select as many SmashCards as you can fit into your budget.  However, each SmashCard has its own price and some cards cost more than others.  So part of the strategy is deciding how many cards you'd like to play and how to best make use of your budget. SmashCards can only be played on qualifying players, so that a card that gives you double the points for any running yards by a QB must be played on a QB and cannot be played on a RB or WR, exactly as you would expect.
  • SmashCard Basics
    SmashCards are powerups that change the total point scored by individual players on your roster or your entire team. Each card has different characteristics and impacts the game differently. Playing these cards in combination with players the cards positively impact adds an extra dimension of strategy to the game. For a detailed explanation of each card, visit the Smash Card page.
  • Integrity and Fairness
    Maintaining the integrity and transparency of our games is crucial to our success. To ensure this, we regularly assess entries and drafts for integrity. If our security team raises concerns about a draft, it undergoes a manual review. Based on this review, the draft is either approved to proceed or disqualified and removed. SmashUp Fantasy Sports holds the authority to cancel contests without limitations, primarily if issues on our platform or external events cast doubt on contest integrity.
  • Traded or Injured Players
    Traded/Injured/Retired or otherwise inactive players will not accumulate any statistics. Their games will lock at the same time as others players on the official team they are listed on by our data provider at the start of that team’s game. Rules around substitutions and swap outs will vary by game.
  • Collusion
    SmashUp Fantasy Sports takes fairness and the integrity of our games seriously – we want to see the best and most knowledgeable players win! If it is determined, at our sole discretion, that players are colluding in an effort to win games we reserve the right to suspend or terminate accounts. We also reserve the right to ban any player from our games or withhold prizes based on circumventions of these rules.
  • Multiple Accounts
    SmashUp Fantasy Sports only allows one account per person. Having or using multiple accounts, we reserve the right at our discretion to suspend or terminate additional accounts. We also reserve the right to ban any player from our games or withhold prizes based on circumventions of these rules.
  • Eligible Lineups
    Play positions are determined based on official records provided by our data provider. SmashUp Fantasy Sports reserves the right to amend those positions (either adding or removing eligibility) over the course of the season to help promote fairness and help bring fans as close to being a part of the games as possible.
  • Official Game Scores
    SmashUp Fantasy Sports uses official league statistics provided by a neutral 3rd party data provider that are recognized as official league and game statistics. All statistics provided by them are considered official and will be used to determine the final scoring of games. We aim to quickly resolve all games and award prizes and will apply any official statistic corrections provided by our data provider within 72 hours of each week's last game. However, we reserve the right to adjust scores at our discretion due to rare scoring errors, potentially altering results and payments. If a league declares that a game is "postponed" or "suspended,” then if the game has played long enough for the results to count for the league, then any accumulated statistics will count toward the contest. If play resumes during the contest period, then any additional statistics will be added to game scores. However, if play resumes outside of the weekly fantasy window, then they will not count towards the score. If a game is “cancelled,” “suspended,” or “postponed” early enough into the game that it does not count towards official league records (e.g., the 2022 Bills-Bengals game) then all current statistics will be voided and the players will accumulate zero points.
  • Entering Games
    To enter a game, once you sign in, you can click on the sport and then the game you want to enter. At launch, the only option is going to be our fantasy football tournament (with more coming soon!). et your lineup and select your SmashCards. Your lineups will be entered into the competition for the week and you may view your progress on the Standings page.  You will then be taken to your team page and will be officially entered into the current contest.

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