A New Way To Play For Conference Championship Week

by | Jan 25, 2024

SmashUp Rules Update for Conference Championship Week!

SmashUp Conference Week Prizes

With only two games this weekend and limited players to choose from, we are adding a fun, new, twist to keep the game fair and strategic. Read more below to see what’s changing and staying the same for the NFL Conference Championship Week tournament.

Introducing Flex 9

The Conference Championship tournament will be played using the Flex 9 style. Flex 9 means that all spots will be flex positions. If you can afford it, you can add 4 QBs or 4 WRS! You can even play all four defenses if you want to! Deemed the “Ultra Flex,” this allows users to play any player in any position.

SmashCards will be used in the same fashion and can be used within your budget. For example, you can use All-Pro QB SmashCards on Lamar Jackson and Brock Purdy if you can afford it.

Same Rules. Same Cards. Same Scoring

Everything else is staying the same outside of the new Flex 9 format. The player budget, card budget, and scoring are the same as in previous weeks. Players can still submit up to three free lineups, and the grand prize is $1,000.

Thanks for playing SmashUp!