New SmashCards Released for Super Wild Card Weekend Tournament

by | Jan 11, 2024

For the Super Wild Card Weekend SmashUp Fantasy Football tournament, three new SmashCards are now in play. The Goldfish Memory, Bruising Bellcow, and Tunnel Vision of Love SmashCards will help you rise to the top of the standings to win more prizes! Please read more on SmashCards here if you are unaware of how SmashCards are used when playing SmashUp.

Goldfish Memory

Price: $4,000

Goldfish Memory SmashCard

Goldfish Memory gives your quarterback 8 points for every turnover they commit instead of -2 points. This card is ideally played on quarterbacks with a high number of interceptions and fumbles lost. Strategically, SmashStars can play this card on quarterbacks up against defenses with a high number of takeaways such as the Buffalo Bills or Baltimore Ravens. Use this card on quarterbacks that won’t take care of the football.

Bruising Bellcow

Price: $7,000

Bruising Bellcow SmashCard

Bruising Bellcow gives your running back 1 point for each rushing attempt. Players to target with this card average a high number of carries a game such as Kyren Williams and Christian McCaffrey. Playing this SmashCard with that kind of player will help you climb up the leaderboard and win some big prizes.

Tunnel Vision of Love


Tunnel Vision of Love SmashCard

Tunnel Vision of Love gives your player 3 points for each receiving target they receive. This card is an almost upgraded version of the Catching Fire SmashCard. Using this card on players with a high number of targets will boost you up the scoreboard; however, it’ll come at the sacrifice of other cards.


These cards will require SmashStars to be even more strategic with their card and player selections if they want to win some prizes. Set your lineups today with these new cards on Smashup Fantasy Sports!