To Smash or Not to Smash: Battle of the SmashUp QB Cards

by | Nov 5, 2023

So you are trying to create the best SmashUp squad possible. You have your skill positions, kicker, and defense set… but you still need a QB. And you debating which one to pick and which QB card you should play on them.

There’s no single answer. But we are here to help break down some of the top cards and give some insight into which cards excite us the most at their current prices.

Starting QB / All Pro QB / Hall of Fame QB

Impact: 1.5 / 2.0 / 2.5 time your QB score

This trio is the most straight forward and predictable. These cards are also pretty safe, it doesn’t matter how your QB scores points, just that they do.

For a QB like a Josh Allen, who can hurt you through the ground or air, these cards work really well and. I think can help you capitalize on a big week.

Scramble Spikes

Impact: Points from running yards and TDs are multiplied by 2.5, points from passing yards and TDs decreased by 75%

Now this is a gamble, but if you get one of those absurd weeks from a player like Lamar Jackson or Justin Fields, you are going to have a good chance of winning. If prime Tim Tebow (which existed for exactly one season) was still in the league, this card would be a no-brainer if he was your starter.

There is obviously some real downside here if you pick a player who runs and passes like Jackson and he dominates through the air. However, if you had played this on a player like Lamar Jackson in week 3 this season, you would have netted an extra 30 points.

Cannon Arm

Impact: Points from passing yards and TDs are multiplied by 2.0, points from passing yards and TDs decreased by 50%

Almost the inverse of Scramble Spikes, but a bit more less of a multiplier. Cannon Arm is clearly meant to reward the late career Drew Bledsoe’s of the world, who look like they are swimming through molasses when they run, but who can still throw the football. Peyton Manning would have been even more dominant with this card and the price is far cheaper than the more traditional multipliers.

However, if you had played this card on Tua Tagovailoa in week 8, you would have netted yourself nearly 26 points at a pretty cheap price point. Making this a pretty phenomenal card.


Scramble Spikes probably offers the highest upside, but you really need to nail the right week. Cannon Arm is a bit safer as passing QBs tend to be more predictable. So matchups and the QB you select with your budget will play a bit role in which card is best for your squad.