To select a SmashCard, on the “Set Lineup” page you simply click the SmashCard option and you will see a list of SmashCards with descriptions of how they impact a player. Clicking on any card will then allow you to select the player you want to apply the card to.  After selecting the player, you will see the SmashCard by their player icon.

In the current weekly football tournament, you can select as many SmashCards as you can fit into your budget.  However, each SmashCard has its own price and some cards cost more than others.  So part of the strategy is deciding how many cards you’d like to play and how to best make use of your budget.

SmashCards can only be played on qualifying players, so that a card that gives you double the points for any running yards by a QB must be played on a QB and cannot be played on a RB or WR, exactly as you would expect.