• Entrants select a lineup of players from the available pool of players.  All players must fit under the salary cap specified for that specific tournament
  • Users also select as many SmashCards as they would like that fit into the separate SmashCard salary cap that is specified (i.e., you have two separate salary caps; one for players and one for SmashCards)
  • In the weekly tournament, you are competing for 1 week against all other players entered into the contest.  Given everyone has the same pool of players to select from, you likely will have some of the same players as other teams.
  • Rules may vary by contest in terms of the amount of allowed entries, prize breakdowns, number of maximum players/entries, game slate, and player pool.
  • At the end of the week, the entrant(s) with the highest scores are awarded prizes based on the specified allocation for that game.  
  • Final scores are determined by taking the raw scores and stats of rostered players and applying the SmashCards to then calculate a final score.  
  • In general, SmashCards can be thought of as each having their own score.  If two SmashCards both effect the same stat (e.g., a QBs passing yards) then each card will individually be applied to the raw number of passing yards to calculate a value for that card.  In the current game, the cards to not combine or play in a specific order where one card benefits from having the other card played first.  However, rules of different games may vary, so be sure to look at the game description as new games are added.
  • Users who score the same number of points and end the week in a tie, will evenly split the prizes potentially of multiple rankings.  So if two players tie for first place, then they will split both the first and second place prizes.  And the team that had the third most points will get the third place prizes.

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