SmashUp Fantasy Sports: A New DFS Experience

by | Jan 7, 2024

This is a guest article was written and published on Rotowire.com by Mike Barner as a part of their DFS series and republished with their permission.

SmashUp Fantasy Sports puts their own spin on DFS, which makes the platform a unique experience for fantasy players. Unlike many other sites, SmashUp Fantasy Sports is completely free to play. However, there are cash prizes and other grand prizes still on the line for winners. Let’s dig into things and discuss how to play this new and exciting format. 

Rules and Scoring

Each participant begins with a budget of $50,000 to assemble a team of nine players. Those nine players are one quarterback, two running backs, two wide receivers, one tight end, one defense, one kicker and one flex spot that can be filled by either a running back, wide receiver or tight end. To see the rules and prizes for each available tournament, click on the “Scoring, Rules and Regulations” section.

Where the twist comes in is that, in addition to the player budget, each participant will also have a budget of $12,000 to select SmashCards to power up their team. An overall team score will be the sum of the player scores along with the sum of the SmashCard score. The scoring format is standard scoring, not points per reception.

Choosing SmashCards

There are a bevy of SmashCards that are available to apply to a player’s score. Let’s take a look at some of the SmashCards as an example of the options that are out there.

All Pro QB: This SmashCard multiples a selected quarterbacks score by 2.0x.

The Human Vulture: This SmashCard can be selected for a running back, wide receiver or tight end. All points from touchdowns are doubled for the player selected and all points for yards are cut in half.

Double Doink: Selecting kickers isn’t always the most fun part of filling out a DFS lineup. When they miss a kick, it can be especially frustrating. However, this SmashCard spices up the position. With it, all missed field goals and extra points from your kicker are worth 10 points.

Speed Demon: The selected player receives 30 points if they have a reception of 40 yards or more.

Catching Smoke: Remember, the scoring format for these tournaments is standard scoring, not PPR. However, with this SmashCard, the selected player earns two points for each reception.

Speed Demon SmashCard


The SmashCards add a different and fun element to building lineups. Not only is it about picking the best players to roll with based on their salaries and matchups, but also which players work best with which SmashCards.

A good example would be selecting a player for The Human Vulture SmashCard. A player to consider using this on would be Gus Edwards of the Baltimore Ravens. He rushed for 60 or fewer yards in a game 11 times through Week 17 of the 2023 season. However, he turned his 39 rushing attempts inside the red zone into 13 rushing touchdowns.

Which kicker might be a good option for the Double Doink SmashCard? Let’s take a look at Chad Ryland, who was selected in the fourth round of the 2023 Draft by the Patriots. Given his draft selection, he had a secure role with the team, regardless of his struggles. In traditional DFS contests, his 15 total made field goals through Week 17 of the 2023 season would be considered a disaster. However, he has missed nine field goal attempts and an extra point attempt. With the Double Doink SmashCard, he would have received 10 points for each of those misses.


Selecting a daily fantasy sports lineup while staying within a budget is the normal format that many platforms follow, but the added wrinkle of SmashCards,takes this platform things to another level. With many different types of strategies to deploy, those looking for a fun and unique kind of challenge have found a home at SmashUp Fantasy Sports.

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