SmashOp Fantasy Sports is Back – Get Ready for Season 2

by | Jun 19, 2024

SmashUp is Back and Better Than Ever

SmashStars get ready as SmashUp is back for Season 2! We are bringing back our weekly tournaments with upgrades, including multiple tournaments and new challenges. These challenges will force players to think more strategically about what SmashCards to play to take them to the top of the leaderboard.

Here’s an overview of the game types coming for Season 2. 

Weekly Tourneys: 

We will still have our normal weekly tournaments but with some fun new upgrades and challenges to keep things fresh and exciting! We will be releasing new SmashCards, challenges, and revolutionizing our weekly tournaments. All tournaments are always free to play and have a mix of cash and other prizes! 

Season Long Leagues: 

Have you been wanting to play SmashUp with your friends and foes? Introducing the new Season Long mode, which allows users to set a season-long league. For example, your season can run as many weeks as you’d like and go all the way through the end of regular season! We’re adding season-long leagues, where you can now play against your friends, SmashUp experts, or other influencers in a private league. All while using the new TYPES of SmashCards to power your team to victory.

Single Player Mode:

In a first for fantasy sports, you will be able to play single-player fantasy. In this game mode, you can challenge a series of progressively more difficult “bosses” in head-to-head matchups and qualify for the post-season Tournament exclusively for the Single Player champions. More information about single-player will be coming out soon!  

We can’t wait to see what you do with the new game modes! Sign up below to get a head start on your SmashUp strategy. And like last season, all games are completely free to play. No credit card is needed. No pay-to-win mechanics or hidden fees. It’s just fun and competition for our growing community of fantasy sports fans.