Welcome to SmashUp Fantasy Sports, one of the most addicting twists on the fantasy football experience. SmashUpSports is a completely free-to-play multiplier salary cap game that allows you to assign multipliers or boosts to players of your choice. This is done via SmashCards. SmashCards can be assigned to players or positions and can be adjusted at any time before the slate starts. Users can enter up to three lineups per week, but if you use the promo code FantasyPros, you will get to enter a fourth lineup up until the Super Bowl.

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SmashUp Fantasy Sports: A New Way to Play Fantasy Football

Get excited. SmashUp Fantasy Sports has its biggest contest ever set for Super Wild Card Weekend, with a 1st place prize of $1,000. Not only is this the best 1st place price we have seen at SmashUp Fantasy Sports, but there are now payouts for the top 200 instead of just the top 100. This is massive news for a completely free-to-play game, especially one that has proved to be as fun as SmashUp Fantasy Sports. It is easy to see why SmashUp Fantasy Sports is one of the fastest-growing free fantasy games. For more of an introduction to the game, click here.

Far from just a multiplier game with a twist, SmashUp Fantasy Sports requires more strategy than ever before. The SmashCards (which we touched on here) are multipliers, but you get to choose your multiplier and assign it to whoever you choose (providing you stay under the SmashCard salary cap). SmashCard allocation will be just as important as the roster you build. For example, take my choice to add the 2x multiplier card to Jalen Hurts

for four weeks in a row. This required me to surrender a significant portion of my SmashCard salary cap each week and did not pay dividends as Hurts has been in an endless struggle mode. With new SmashCards being added every week, strategizing both roster build and SmashCard will be critical to success.


As mentioned above, I have been playing SmashUp Fantasy Sports for a couple of weeks now and have begun to truly appreciate the innovation and differentiation. The graphic user interface (or GUI) brings back memories of the original Nintendo Entertainment System or Sega Master System, but this is far from an 8-bit production. For proof, hover over one of the SmashCards to see 2023 Magic Card level graphics.

For Super Wild Card Weekend, I will be building three different lineups. I signed up before we had the promo code ‘FantasyPros’, so I do not have the luxury of a fourth lineup like you will when you enter the code upon signing up. Sign up, to setting a complete lineup, and applying SmashCards takes just five to 10 minutes. I went pretty vanilla with my SmashCard allocation over the previous two weeks and went studs and duds with both of my lineups, something that did not work out as planned as my duds put up duds alongside some of my players expected to be studs like Jalen Hurts.

The last two weeks have forced me to constantly evolve my SmashUp Fantasy Sports strategy. One thing I noticed in Week 17 is that the top score did not have a full lineup and had multiple cards on the same player. For Week 18, the number one team once again did not field a full lineup. The second and third place did, but they hit on most of their high-salaried players. While there is no way to see what cards other players used, I have started tinkering with how I choose my cards.

Week 18 was my most successful week yet, as I fielded my first top 100 team and had another make the top 200. My top 100 team was the only one in that range who had less than 100 fantasy points before the Smash Cards were applied. In fact, only 14 teams had more Smash Cards points, and I was crippled by starting Jalen Hurts at QB, who netted me a grand total of 0.6 fantasy points. I have to admit, this was a wonderful way to get my fantasy fix for Week 18, and I am delighted that I have the opportunity to discuss these amazing free-to-play contests again.

There are some new SmashCards for Super Wild Card Weekend.

Bruising Bellcow ($7,000) – Each rushing attempt by your RB is worth 1 point
Goldfish Memory ($4,000) – Each turnover by your QB is worth 8 points instead of -2 points
Projectile Dysfunction ($5,500) – Each incomplete pass is worth 1 point|
Speed Demon ($3,000) – If the selected player has a reception of 40 yards or more, this card is worth 30 points
Unstoppable Freight Train ($3,000) – If the selected player has a run of 30 yards or more, this card is worth 30 points
Tunnel Vision of Love ($10,000) – Each receiving target is worth 3 points

Lineup 1

Matthew StaffordKyren WilliamsCeeDee LambAmon-Ra St. BrownTyreek HillDavid Njoku, Bills D/ST


Not So WR: CeeDee, Tyreek, Amon-Ra
Cannon Arm: Stafford
Starting TE: Njoku

This is my stud lineup. Stafford, I believe, will have a big game against his former team, and a big part of that will be the dominance of Kyren Williams, who has emerged as one of the most productive backs in the league. I thought about Cooper Kupp and Puka Nacua, but it is anybody’s guess who will have the better game, so I just stayed away altogether. Instead, I went for the top fantasy receivers in the playoffs in: Amon-Ra, CeeDee, and Tyreek. Njoku is a no-brainer based on his exceptional play as of late, and finally, the Bills D/ST will be in all of my lineups due to having the only ‘easy’ matchup of the weekend against Mason Rudolph

Lineup 2

Patrick Mahomes, Kyren Williams, Amon-Ra St. Brown, Nico Collins, David Njoku, Amari CooperBrandon Aubrey, Bills D/ST


Goldfish Memory, Projectile Dysfunction: Mahomes
Starting TE: Njoku

I initially had a different card set up for this lineup, but after I started writing this, I swapped Stafford for Mahomes because I wanted to use the Goldfish Memory and Projectile Dysfunction cards (and was chasing potential volume). There is some concern due to the cold weather, but if the Chiefs find themselves in neutral or negative game script situations, they are going to have to throw regardless. My initial setup had Cannon Arm on Stafford with Starting TE and All-Pro TE on Njoku. I was trying to field a full lineup, but the salaries and players do not seem to be adjusted well enough for the smaller pool of the playoffs. It was debatable whether or not a full lineup was optimal anyway, so I am happy with my build.

Lineup 3

CJ Stroud, Kyren Williams, Devin Singletary, CeeDee Lamb, Nico Collins, George Pickens, David Njoku, Los Angeles Rams D/ST

Not So WR: Pickens
All-Pro WR: CeeDee, Collins

My initial plan was to place Not So WR on Pickens, but due to having $3,000 left in SmashCard salary after applying All Pro WR to Collins and CeeDee, I went for the splash card Speed Demon, which will give me a 30 point boost if Pickens, a noted downfield threat, can record a reception of 40 yards or more. Pickens has seen 93 air yards per game and 45.4 percent of the team’s air yards since Week 15. Pickens has four longest receptions of 37 or more receiving yards in his last six games played. CJ Stroud was a debate as he will be facing a tough Cleveland Browns defense, but Stroud has played at an MVP level as a rookie and is only continuing to get better. I did ponder Joe Flacco here as he is facing an easier defense and has been on a tear, but I am not going to bet against DeMeco Ryans and the Texans defense coming up with solutions for the problems this lassie-faire version of Joe Flacco has presented. I had to swap out the Bills D/ST because of salary constraints, but I am happy going with a Rams team that intimately knows Jared Goff’s strengths and weaknesses.

Looking ahead

There is a special promotion going on at SmashUp Fantasy Sports. Users who play at least two playoff contests and follow SmashUp Fantasy Sports on IG or TikTok and send them a DM with their username will be eligible for a smaller SmashBowl Tournament. This is in addition to the regular tournament, so this is not something to miss.

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