New SmashCards Released for Week 18 Tournament

by | Jan 8, 2024

Starting during the Week 18 SmashUp Fantasy Football tournament, three new SmashCards are now in play. The Unstoppable Freight Train, Speed Demon, and Projectile Dysfunction SmashCards will help you rise to the top of the standings to win more prizes! Please read more on SmashCards here if you are unaware of how SmashCards are used when playing SmashUp.

Unstoppable Freight Train

Price: $3,000

Unstoppable Freight Train gives your player a 30-point bonus if they have a run of 30 yards or more. This card can be applied to your running backs, wide receivers, or tight ends. Running backs who lead the league in 30 or more yard rushes are Saquon Barkley and De’Von Achane. Use this card on running backs you think will break out a long run.

Speed Demon

Price: $3,000

Speed Demon SmashCard

Speed Demon gives your player a 40-point bonus if they have a reception of 40 yards or more. Similar to Unstoppable Freight Train, this card can be applied to your running backs, wide receivers, or tight ends. Players who lead the league in 40 or more yard receptions are Tyreek Hill and Amari Cooper. This card will be most successful when used on players who run many deep routes per game.

Projectile Dysfunction


Projectile Dysfunction SmashCard

This card gives your quarterback one point for every incompletion they throw. SmashStars who want to maximize this card should look for quarterbacks who average a high amount of pass attempts a game and have a low completion percentage. The more incompletion your quarterback throws, the higher up you’ll be on the scoreboard.


These cards will require SmashStars to be even more strategic with their card and player selections if they want to win some prizes. Set your lineups today with these new cards on Smashup Fantasy Sports!