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SmashCards are powerup cards that change the total points scored by individual players on your roster or your entire team. Each card has different characteristics and impacts the game differently. Playing these cards in combination with the right players adds an extra dimension of strategy to the game.

Fundamentally, SmashCards share some similarities with the “powerups” you find in sports video games or strategy card games. SmashCards can earn you more points based on the scoring of individual players, certain types of stats, or your entire team. They enable you to take advantage of your best player’s strengths, exploit matchup advantages, or shore up your team’s weaknesses. They enable far more types of builds and strategies to be successful than traditional daily or season long fantasy. And they add more excitement and strategy to the game.

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SmashCard Examples

  • All Pro QB
    50,000 hours of practice. 200+ high school, collegiate, and pro games.  10 coaches.  Over 500 different teammates. 150 meals delivered from hotel room service.  And countless hours memorizing different playbooks.  But here was the payoff.  He was finally being recognized as one of the best players in the game.  Fans on social media were already singing his praises or talking about the more deserving players who got snubbed.  But none of that mattered.  He'd finally made it.  He was an All Pro QB.

    Impact: Selected QB score is multiplied by 2.0

  • The Human Vulture
    There were few things that fantasy managers with big stakes in the North Star State feared more.  Their chosen fantasy god was delivering another pristine performance and gaining chunks of yards.  With the ball on the one yard line, a simple plunge into the end zone from the chosen one would make their fantasy victories inevitable.  Then fear.  And over a deafening silence came the ear-shattering sound.  The Human Vulture takes the ball and slams his way into the end zone finishing another day with 4 yards and 3 touchdowns, all stolen from the fantasy god.  Just another day of breaking the hearts of embattled fantasy managers everywhere for The Human Vulture.  

    Impact: Selected RB, WR, or TE.  All points from TDs are doubled (2x) and all points for yards are cut in half (0.5x).

  • Double Doink
    He lines up to kick and sees nothing but a sea of green jerseys.  The weather is icy cold.  His team is down by one.  And the fans in the Windy City are counting on him to make their playoff dreams come true.  There's the snap.  He kicks his leg forward with all his might.  The ball has the distance.  Maybe dreams do come true.  Doink.  Doink.  Heartbreak on a frozen field.  Better luck next season.

    Impact: All missed field goals and extra points from your kicker are worth 10 points

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