New SmashCards For Super Bowl Tournament

by | Feb 7, 2024

10 New SmashCards are now available to use during the 2024 Super Bowl Weekend tournament. The SmashCards are specifically designed… and named for this weekend to add more fun and strategy to the game! With $1,000 on the line again as the top prize, we can’t wait to see how you use the new SmashCards and Smash to victory! Please read more on SmashCards here if you are unaware of how SmashCards are used when playing SmashUp.

Here are the new SmashCards:

AntiHero SmashCardAntiHero

Price: $4,000

This card is for our tight-end lovers. When playing this card, each touchdown your tight end scores will be worth triple. Both Travis Kelce and George Kittle are big red zone targets for their respective teams. Will these tight ends get some love from their quarterbacks? 





Run CMC SmashCard


Price: $5,000

Christian McCaffrey has been incredibly dynamic in both the running and passing game for the 49ers. His MVP-caliber season is one of the main reasons the 49ers made it to the Super Bowl. Being as versatile as he is, players like him can bring a whole new level to a team’s offense. If your selected player gets over 80 rushing yards and over 40 receiving yards, you get a 30-point bonus. 



Defense Wins Champs SmashCard

Defense Wins Championships

Price: $2,000

This card gives a 15-point bonus if applied to the winning team’s defense. For example, If you play this card on the 49ers D/ST and they win the Super Bowl, you receive a bonus of 15 points. SmashStars can look at this card as a prediction for who they think will come out on top this Sunday. 




Burnt Ends SmashCard

Burnt Ends

Price: $5,000

This card gives you a 30-point bonus if the defense you play it on gives up 35 or more points. While only two defenses have given up 35 or more points in the last 5 Super Bowls, the Chiefs and 49ers both come into this game with high-flying offenses very capable of running up the scoreboard. This card is ideal for a shootout like we should expect this coming Sunday.



Mr. Relevant SmashCard

Mr. Relevant

Price: $5,000

In honor of Mr. Irrelevant Brock Purdy, this card gives you a 30-point bonus if your quarterback throws for over 250 passing yards and gets at least 20 rushing yards. Both quarterbacks are likely going to need to get some yards using their legs if they want to end the game by lifting the trophy. 




Bang Bang

Price: $3,000

This card gives your defense 3 points for each tackle for loss including sacks. Both Kansas City and San Francisco have strong defensive fronts that don’t allow many yards from scrimmage. The Chiefs were a top-10 team in tackles for loss during the regular season. Winning in the trenches will be key for both teams to claim a Super Bowl victory.



Bobblehead SmashCard


Price: $2,500

Bobblehead can be applied to any running back, wide receiver, or tight end. This card gives your player a 3-point bonus for each incompletion that is thrown at them. This is simply the number of targets the player has minus the amount of receptions. Players who have a high amount of targets but a low catch percentage.




Roll of the Dice SmashCard

Roll of the Dice

Price: $1,500

Roll of the Dice pays tribute to our favorite depth players. This card gives a 3x multiplier to a player’s score if they play less than 30 offensive snaps. Players such as Jauan Jennings and Skyy Moore are deeper in the depth charts but can come in a make a big play when called upon.



This One's for Ma-Homies SmashCard

This Ones for Ma-homies

Price: $4,500

This card gives your quarterback +1 points for every completed pass and -0.5 points for every incomplete pass. Both Mahomes and Purdy are accurate passes as they both have a completion percentage of over 60%. These quarterbacks also have a high amount of completions as Mahomes was 3rd in the league for completions this season.




Special Teams Ace SmashCard

Special Teams Ace

Price: $1,500

Who doesn’t love their special teams players? This card gives your selected player 0.2 points for each kick/punt return yard they get and an 18-point bonus if they get a kick/punt return TD. Ray-Ray McCloud III and Richie James are the main returners for each team. Smashstars will hope one of these returners can put on a show like Devin Hester or Jacoby Jones did in their Super Bowls.





These cards will allow SmashStars to be incredibly creative when selecting their lineups for this week. With the card budget being doubled to $24,000 for this week, getting points from SmashCards will be more important than ever before. Set your lineups today with these new cards on Smashup Fantasy Sports!